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Giving back through Refuse to Drown

The purpose for writing Refuse to Drown was to share a message that would help others and change lives. In support of this mission, $.50 of every dollar in profit that I earn from the sale of Refuse to Drown will be donated to charity. The initial recipients of these donations will be

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Introducing Also-Me: an on line out reach to help others

Refuse to Drown takes you through the darkest time of my life but in the darkness a light shown through. It was the idea that it was possible to take what happened in my family and use it to help others. Out of this time and events the idea of Also-Me, www.Also-me.org, was born. The n

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Why did I write Refuse to Drown?

Why did I write a book about what happened? The majority of the content in Refuse to Drown was written during and immediately after the time of the events. It was a therapeutic process for me, the purging of the emotions, pain and incredible struggles of those days.

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Tim is donating 50% of his profits from the book sales to help others. The donations will go to the Victim Services Partnership of Lancaster, to help victims of crime in Lancaster, PA.


If you're feeling angry, losing hope, and questioning your purpose then you have come to the right place for help. Also-Me is here for you. You are not alone. How you feel is important and it does matter. If you want help, we want you to receive it. The goal is to help you make healthy choices that will enable you to flourish and lead a joy filled life. If you are lost, let Also-Me help get you back on track. You will find messages, tools, resources and places where you can go to for help. You HAVE A PURPOSE!

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Shawn Smucker is the author of eight books, including Dying Out Loud, How to Use a Runaway Truck Ramp, and Building a Life Out of Words. He loves helping people share their stories. Shawn lives in Holtwood, PA, with his wife and four children. Shawn is the co-author of Refuse to Drown.

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